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Bartush Foods is a Manufacturing partner of the highest integrity and delivers value through a combination of outstanding product quality, operational flexibility and personal service.
1) Manufacturing Partners
- Owner operated - On-site management
- Stability- with over 100 years of operations
- Commitment to confidentiality, integrity and customer ------
  For more information, view our (History).
2) Quality assurance is job #1
- FDA certification
- HACCP monitoring system
- ISO 9001 compliant
- Modernized equipment
3) Operational Flexibility and Rapid Response
- Large and small run capabilities
- On-site warehousing with custom packing capabilities
- Wet manufacturing capabilities
- R&D capabilities
4) Value - consistent product quality, flexible operational capabilities, personal service and competitive pricing. Bartush's goal is to provide a manufacturing partnership that is dedicated to supporting your business objectives.
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