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Bartush-Schnitzius Foods Company had traditionally been a manufacturer and marketer of its own line of retail and institutional condiments. With Suoro's influence in 1985, Bartush-Schnitzius has diversified into contract manufacturing and co-packing for outside individuals, corporations and restaurant chains.

Bartush-Schnitzius specializes for individuals and corporations the manufacturing of all types of liquid condiments in round glass & plastic retail jars varying in size from 5 fluid ounces up to 128 fluid ounces. We take the individual's recipe and "mass produce it" taking advantage of both economies of scale and high speed automated machinery to actually produce as little as 500 gallons for a fraction of what it might cost the individual to do on his own.

Contract manufacturing for restaurant chains has been our largest area of growth since diversifying. As like individuals,we mass produce condiments to the exact specifications of a particular restaurant chain and package these items in institutional plastic bottles, pouches, buckets, or totes. Restaurants benefit from savings and consistency of their products from unit to unit.

Recently, vast improvements have been made to the retail bottling line with the addition of a high speed filler and lug capping system, and Automated case packing equipment.

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